Windproof men's robe (short) - fleece SALE
Windproof men's robe (short) - fleece SALE
Windproof men's robe (short) - fleece SALE

Windproof men's robe (short) - fleece SALE

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Please note: The model is on sale as it is B-grade. B-grade robes have no technical disfunctions, only minor cosmetic ones. If you prefer to buy an A-grade robe, we can tell you that we are currently working on the next production and expect to have full stock during the spring of 2020. Please send us an email ( if you would like to be informed directly when the exact delivery date has been confirmed by our supplier. Thank you for your patience :)

SKY CAPTAIN is the name of our NORDBAEK robe for men. The quality is the same light and fully windproof outer shell with warm fleece on the inside (like the original NORDBAEK robe).

Features of SKY CAPTAIN

  • Windproof and water repellent
  • Magnet on chest
  • Magnet over knee
  • Pocket with zipper (right hand side)
  • Hood
  • Transform cuffs into warm mittens
  • Knee-length, masculine look
  • Fast drying
Product Information
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: S/M, M/L
  • Material: 100% polyester (windproof outer shell, fleece inside)
  • Washable at 30°
Stay warm regardless of wind and weather. The NORDBAEK mens robe - SKY CAPTAIN - is designed to meet all requirements of the winter and open-water swimmer extending the revitalised feeling in the body after dipping or swimming in the cold water. SKY CAPTAIN is wind proof and water resistant with nice soft fleece on the inside. Perfect after a cool bath or swim - but also for a chilly summer night in the boat, garden or on the balcony.
Wrapped in SKY CAPTAIN, you will enjoy all of its practical features while being well-dressed. You can easily close the front with a magnet on the chest and over the knee. On extra cold days the hood is indispensable. The double front cover makes the robe extra warm creating a shell around the body. The specially designed cuffs ensures that your hands don't get cold - just change the cuffs into warm mittens. A small handy thumb hole gives you the possibility to stil carry a towel, bag etc. with the mittens on.